PhD in Brain Sciences – Computation and Information Processing

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Brain Sciences – Computation and Information Processing at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides the most promising graduate students with the theoretical and experimental tools required to achieve true interdisciplinary research capabilities.

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Duration: 5 Years
Tuition Fee: ELSC provides full tuition for the first two years of study. After the student registers as a doctoral student (Stage A), ELSC provides tuition for up to three additional years.
Starting in: October
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Brain Sciences – Computation and Information Processing at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is anchored in computational neuroscience and includes advanced courses that provide a comprehensive background in the different aspects of brain sciences. These courses include physiology of the nervous system; theoretical, neural and cognitive sciences; cognitive psychology; machine learning and information processing; and advanced research methods. By experiencing the various disciplines and gaining access to some of the world’s leading brain researchers and their work, students can begin to build their future research paths. Remarkably, a third of the ELSC Ph.D. program graduates have gone on to become independent researchers in the various fields of neuroscience at leading universities both in Israel and around the globe.

Key facts:

The ELSC Ph.D. program is international, welcoming students from all over the world, and as such all classes and scientific activities are conducted in English. The first three semesters of the program are dedicated to core courses. Afterwards, students join research labs and engage in thesis research that comprises the bulk of the program. Simultaneously, students complete a personalized program of required and elective courses that allows them to meet the necessary doctoral requirements

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Orit Berhani, PhD Student

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Location - Jerusalem

Study in one of the most ancient cities in the world, today a colourful carpet of cultures and peoples, innovative technology and entrepreneurial spirit


A tradition of innovation at the start up nation led for nearly 10K patents, 150 new inventions per year and over 600 commercial products

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Hebrew University faculty and alumni have won eight Nobel Prizes, one Fields Medal and 14 Wolf Prizes, among others